During 1997 AL DHIYAFA INTERIORS was introduced in Dubai,AL Quoz industrial are 3 as interior decoration company with 7 Experienced Labours.Total area of 3500 SQF First upon we had given important to our Curtain Section and after 2 years we started Upholstery Section in our same the year of 2002 we had registered a factoey (6250sqf) in Ras Al Khaima Free trade Zone in the name of AL DHIYAFA INTERIORS FZC as a Joinery Venture IN OUR WING. IN THE YEAR OF 2007 We bought new land (56000SQF, 25 Years Lease)from RAK INVESTMENT AUTHORITY under the name of AL DHIYAFA INTERIORS L.L.C With the intention of expanding our businesswings.Now a days 143 total workers are appointed in diffrent section. In The year of 2008 we are planning to start diffreent projects like Hotel supplies, steel Fabrications,Hardware and Building Material supply Divison and Catering Services. Lootah Perfumes is keen to bring essential oils from its origin countries such as India, Paris, Spain and the Netherlands. Since then, generations in this deep-rooted family inherited the craft of perfumes and incense manufacture across experience extended to dozens of years during which Lootah Perfumes produced the finest and most beautiful types of perfumes and incense.